Motorola Droid X & Apple iPhone 4 Physically Compared

Side by side. In a previous post, Motorola Droid X, I made a comment about the physical size limits of smartphones:

I’m all for big displays, but there is an optimal limit on smartphones since our hands are pretty much fixed in size. I think these bigger-sized smartphones are getting to be less-than comfortable to both hold and put in your pocket. In particular, I’m fairly sure thumb-typing in land­scape mode will be a bit of a stretch for some.

Well, the picture above should give you a good idea how much bigger the Droid X is with its 4.3-inch compared to the 3.5-inch packing iPhone 4. The twist is that the smaller 3.5-inch Retina Display (read Retina Display and iPhone 4 for more info) on the iPhone 4 has way more pixels (960×640 vs. 854×480) and way higher resolution (326 PPI vs. 228 PPI). What do you think?

I personally think the Droid X is a bit too big. I have average-sized hands so I think it’ll be just a bit uncomfortable if I had to type in landscape mode. Plus pocket-ability is important to me and I think the extra bulge, in all dimensions, will make it disastrous-looking in my jean pocket. Photo lifted from Engadget.

Update: Engadget did a hands one with the Droid X at the New York launch event and reported: “You can tell the processor is fast, but the UI still has a jerky quality to it — it’s not totally fluid. We’d say that’s more of an Android thing, though.” Maybe, hopefully, Froyo (read Froyo In The Air) will solve those pesky jerky less-than-totally fluid UI.