White iPhone 4 Anyone?

Apple’s response to Engadget‘s question about the white iPhone 4:

There is tremendous excitement for the new iPhone 4 and we are working to get as many of them into the hands of customers as possible. At launch, we have the black models available for purchase and we will be adding the white models as quickly as we can.

Best Buy has a reason for why the white iPhone 4 isn’t available anymore:

Best Buy has received confirmation that, due to Apple manufacturing delays, we will not be provided with the white iPhone 4 versions for launch day, June 24th, 2010.

The manufacturing delays might have something to do with the yellowing and cracking of white bodies that plagued the iPhone 3GS. But it also might be that Apple wants to get cranking with the black iPhone 4 before moving to the white one. Then again it might be just marketing: most people prefer black iPhones so bring that out first and when the initial rush dies down a bit bring out the white one extending demand for the iPhone 4 a bit longer. No matter what the reason I am willing to wait for a white iPhone 4, but hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait.