Double iPhone 4 Download Speed With Black Electrician Tape?

Download speeds on the iPhone 4 is already fairly brisk, but only if you have a solid AT&T connection. Want more speed? Double speed? Try covering the lower left corner (right below the volume buttons all the way to the edge of the speaker on the bottom) of iPhone 4’s stainless steel body with black electrician’s tape. At least that’s what Ryan Rhea, a reader, did. His download speed increased from 0.41 Mbps to 0.82 Mbps using This also helped prevent dropping calls (read iPhone 4: Touch Left Corner To Drop Calls). If you’re more aesthetically inclined I would recommend purchasing an Apple iPhone 4 Bumper (US$29 at Apple) since it does the same trick of helping out with call drop prevention by being an electrical insulator.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball reports that he can’t reproduce the problem and neither can a few of his iPhone 4-toting friends. Hopefully this problem is a defect and not a feature. Jim Dalrymple has a theory:

According to people I’ve spoken with, it could be that moisture from your fingers is causing the iPhone 4 to believe that the antenna is receiving interference and losing its wireless signal.

Maybe, maybe not. I’m just hoping this problem is caused by a small defect in manufacturing. Although the Bumpers look decent enough I like my gadgets nude.