iPhone 4: Touch Left Corner To Drop Calls

More troubles for the iPhone 4. Earlier there were reports of yellowish spots on the otherwise immaculate Retina Display (read Yellow Discoloration on iPhone 4 LCD for more info) and now this: Insanely Great Mac (IGM) has posted up a video showing the iPhone 4 dropping calls when the lower left corner is touched. This is quite unfortunate for left-handers since the lower left corner will undoubtedly be touched when you’re having a non-FaceTime conversation and holding it to your ear. The reason for the dropped calls seems to be the left hand is connecting the two antennas. Remember the stainless steel chassis is used as antennas and for some reason touching that lower left corner is interfering with the antenna’s signal sensitivity. Apple’s engineering of the wireless antennas into the stainless steel frame and bezel of the iPhone 4 was quite smart and was billed as a “work of genius” by iFixit. This ingenious design should have improved reception and reliability on AT&T’s network.

This, of course, is not a good sign since it forces us to use our right hands to make cellular calls if we want our calls to continue without dropping. Most right-handers shouldn’t be bothered too much unless you need to jot down a note while talking on the iPhone 4, or drink your coffee, or eat something, or do anything with your right hand. Yes, I’m being sarcastic: this is simply terrible! It also means the ability to look at maps or run some other app while on a voice call, an AT&T advantage, becomes moot. For right-handers it is very difficult to navigate the iPhone UI with your left pointy finger, at least for me. Look on the bright side: this is a great excuse to intentionally drop calls if you need to.