Eliminate: Gun Range, First Gyroscope Enabled iPhone 4 Game

Eliminate: Gun Range from ngmoco is the first iPhone 4 game that takes advantage of the built-in gyroscope. The first person shooter game’s control becomes more direct. It is $0.99 and there’s already a newer updated version 1.0.1. Here’s the iTunes Preview page.

Nilay Patel:

E:GR is itself just a simple shooter, but the gyroscope adds what seems like nearly 1:1 motion control to the proceedings — and since you’re moving the display itself, it almost feels like augmented reality.

MG Siegler:

Rather than dragging your finger around the screen to tell your gun where to aim, you simply tilt the iPhone itself. Sure, you could sort of do this previously with the compass built in to the iPhone 3GS — but trust me, this is much, much better.

The possibilities! Check out the videos on Engadget and TechCrunch.