Motorola Droid X: Pre-Order At Best Buy For $200 Without Mail-In Rebates

Starting today, June 25, 2010, you can pre-order Motorola’s Droid X at Best Buy. The price is a penny under $200 plus all those taxes with a two-year agreement. (A quick aside: those taxes might be a good thing since there is a rumor that the US might shift to value added taxes or VAT that becomes hidden in the price of the goods and services you purchase.) The good thing about pre-ordering the Droid X from Best Buy instead of Verizon Wireless is you don’t have to worry about sending in that time-consuming mail-in rebate. The Droid X will be available at Best Buy stores on July 15. Read Motorola Droid X for more info. PS: I can’t seem to find Droid X on Best Buy’s website; only the non-X Droid is showing up.