G-Tech Optoelectronics (GTOC), TPK Touch Solutions Form Reinforced Glass Joint Venture

Taiwan-based G-Tech Optoelectronics (GTOC), an optical glass processing service provider located in the Chung-Xing Industrial Park and a member company of the Foxconn Group, and TPK Touch Solutions, a glass-based projected capacitive touch panel manufacturer, announced on June 23rd that the two companies will form a joint venture. According to DIGITIMES, each company will hold 50% equity stake in the joint venture that will focus on producing reinforced glass substrates for touch panel applications. The joint venture will be located in Xiamen, China.

GTOC not only processes high-tech optical glass, the company conducts chemical and physical tempered processing, glass print processing, cutting and polishing LCD glass, electronic component manufacturing such as glass for scanner applications, moisture-proof cases, and screen filters.

The joint venture, which has yet to have a name, is expected to commence operations by the end of the third quarter  in 2010 and enter into volume production in the fourth quarter. Production capacity has not been announced but according to Alex Jiang, President at GTOC, the new plant at the joint venture will have a similar capacity to that of the company’s existing plant located in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP). GTOC’s plant in STSP currently has a monthly input capacity of 40,000 to 50,000 Gen 5 glass substrates. According to sources, GTOC is a supplier of projected capacitive touch panels used in Apple’s iPhone and iPad products.