nPower Personal Energy Generator (PEG)

The nPower PEG generates electricity using kinetic energy. Seiko’s Kinetic sub-brand is based on the same concept: it generates electricity as you move about. Here’s how it works:

The patented nPower technology is the world’s most advanced commercialized kinetic energy harvesting technology. When it is rigidly attached to an item with a surplus of kinetic (oscillatory) motion, it amplifies the motion internally with a tuned mass-spring system; when tuned correctly this is known as a mechanically resonant system.

With nPower technology, the mass-spring system is replaced with a magnetically-active mass designed to pass completely through a conductive loop, creating a power take out (PTO) system. Energy transfer through the PTO is a very complex process due to the variability of the mechanical and PTO systems and the need for consistent downstream power. nPower encapsulates an integrated technological solution to these items which allows it to create Clean Energy from a previously wasted natural energy resource, oscillatory motions.

Uh, yeah, sure. Well, there you have it. Get the whole story at nPower. The nPower PEG is made from titanium so it should be quite durable and light. Electrical output is via USB so you can charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad, BlackBerry, etc. while you’re walking around. Price is a cool US$150 and for now ships only to the US. This nPower PEG sounds very interesting.