StealthArmor Fixes iPhone 4 Reception Problem?

Fusion of Ideas’ StealthArmor is a protective film, like the Invisible Shield, for the iPhone 4 and other Apple products. There’s a lot of interesting choices like Brushed Aluminum, Carbon Fiber Black, Clear and Matte Black. What is most interesting to me is the lack of Stainless Steel! Anyway, these protective film from StealthArmor comes with film to cover up the stainless steel mid-section of the iPhone 4 according to Gizmodo. That mid-section film does prevent you from making direct contact with the stainless steel external antenna of the iPhone 4. So the theory goes the StealthArmor can fix the iPhone 4’s antenna reception problem. Well, at least one person, Vincent at SlashGear isn’t convinced:

We got to work early this evening to test Fusion of Idea’s claim but it’s still inconclusive. A quick test of holding iPhone 4 with our left hand DOES NOT yield a better reception with the applied material, as you can see for your self from the pictures below. This is a pretty BOLD claim by Fusion of Ideas.

Maybe the StealthArmor protective film is still conducting. It is interesting that the film doesn’t have individual sections for the lower left separated antenna sections and instead is just a long strip. Maybe that has something to do with it. Can you guys make a slit and retest? Although it is probably just ink printed on film I would stick to Clear since particles in the ink might be conductive.

Actually… since the capacitive touch display used in the iPhones work even with a layer of the InvisibleShield on it that means these protective films conduct. These films won’t work. And that means I’ll need to scratch #3 from the list in iPhone 4 Reception Problem: Four Possible Solutions.