Video Quality Comparison: iPhone 4 vs. Flip Ultra HD

Jeremy Horwitz, Editor-in-Chief at iLounge, compared the iPhone 4’s video quality to the Flip Ultra HD:

For the first time, iPhone 4 has the resolution to compete pixel for pixel against Flip’s higher-end recorder, and it has something Flip doesn’t: Tap to Focus during video, enabling the iPhone 4 to create depth of field effects, but also to render some scenes softly relative to the Flip since the latter device’s fixed-focus lens offers consistent sharpness without depth of field capabilities.

Hop on over to iLounge for the videos. I don’t know what it is but watching the 720p video captured with the iPhone 4 feels weird on my 17-inch MBP. I think maybe my display isn’t up to the task with slow liquid crystal response times or it might be the 30fps. If I were to guess it’s the 30fps. With this type of video capturing capability on the iPhone 4 the only type of video that would look good is slow panning. Ditto for the Flip Ultra HD. I think 720p video really needs 60fps for keeping up with moving objects or moving from object to object.