HP TouchSmart tm2t 12.1-inch Convertible Tablet PC

Engadget’s Joanna Stern regarding the glossiness of the HP TouchSmart tm2t convertible tablet PC that was just upgraded with a new Core i3 ULV CPU:

The tm2’s 12.1-inch, 1280 x 800-pixel resolution screen is quite crisp, but the main adjective that comes to mind when describing it is glossy. … Viewing angles of the screen are also less than stellar; when we flipped the screen around and tilted it back to about 45 degrees, colors just faded, and we simply couldn’t make out images.

I would think it would be a given, something beyond obvious, that the LCD would feature a decent if not excellent viewing angles on a convertible tablet. The fact that the newly upgraded tm2t still sports a terrible viewing angle LCD makes me question whether the folks at HP designed this with their thinking hats on.

Touch response:

… the capacitive touchscreen layer was extremely responsive to finger and stylus input. Dragging a finger down the screen to scroll was very responsive, and light taps on icons / within menus was all it took to navigate Windows 7 Home Premium.

I doubt navigating your way around menus designed for the precision of a mouse would be comfortable for very long.


… its TouchSmart software layer not only provides full screen shortcuts, but some touch customized applications. The user interface is very attractive and consists of a Cover Flow-like carousel of programs.

… the entire thing is simply too sluggish for everyday use. You have to wait anywhere from five to fifteen seconds for the applications within the software to open, and then they’re even laggy in use.

An attractive but additional software UI layer on top of Windows 7… of course it will be slow. Guess HP should have equipped the tm2t with a Core i5. Unfortunately the TouchSmart UI doesn’t work in portrait tablet mode. I’m not convinced a Windows 7-based tablet PC reoriented for finger-based navigation is going to resonate with most folks. Get the entire story at Engadget.