AT&T Upgrades New York 850MHz 3G, Voice Quality Improves 47 Percent

New Yorkers paying AT&T for wireless service should be getting better service. The company’s internal testing shows voice quality in Manhattan improved 47% compared to last quarter. That’s an interesting statistic:

“Guess what?”
“I think my iPhone 4 has better voice quality now.”
“Yeah, about 47% better.”
“Yup, 47% better than last quarter.”

I think it would be much more effective if AT&T and other companies measured and communicated improvements that make sense to customers. For instance:

AT&T wireless customers should be able to connect and experience less dropped calls in these areas: West Side Highway, Cross Bronx Expressway, Newark, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Oyster Bay, Upper East Side between 87th and 94th…

Now wouldn’t that make more sense to New York City customers since those dead zones are where they experience the most frustration with AT&T? The iPhone carrier finished upgrading its 850MHz 3G in The Big Apple. Read the press release for all the details. The upgrade was an increase in wireless capacity in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. AT&T expects its customers to experience “improved 3G wireless voice and data connectivity and performance, especially during peak hours.” But we all know it isn’t just AT&T who needs to continue improving connectivity.