David Kassan: iPad Finger Painting At Its Absolute Best

I am not an art critic and I don’t know anything about the art of finger painting; this is just an opinion by a guy who has a decent eye for something that looks good. And David Jon Kassan’s finger painting using the iPad as his canvas is absolutely brilliant. Check out the iPad finger paint video on YouTube. I viewed it at 720p and it looked amazing.

The live iPad finger painting took about three hours and was streamed live worldwide from Brooklyn, New York on Monday, June 21, 2010. The model was Henry William Oelkers. Music was “Monoliths” in the album Passages by Maserati. iTunes has Monoliths as a free download.

I hopped on over to davidkassan.com and here’s a quote from “Statement”:

Time is the most valuable thing that we all have, the one aspect of daily life that we can not get back once its gone. I want to use time while trying to understand the world around me. Painting is my notebook, my sounding board.

He has a blog at blog.davidkassan.com, is on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kassan), tweets (twitter.com/davidkassan) and produced a DVD titled “Drawing Closer to Life” (dvd.davidkassan.com).