LaCie IamaKey, CooKey, WhisKey Win 2010 IDEA Gold Award

LaCie’s IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey. Great names and greater designs, by 5.5 designers. The best designs have little design. These USB flash drives are almost always carried on a key chain, but before the 5.5 designers-designed LaCie USB keys it didn’t click. Now it does and it’s brilliant!

The folks making decisions for the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and Fast Company magazine, think likewise and gave the Gold Award. Only 38 receive the Gold, out of 405 finalists. Check out for more cool designs from 2010 IDEA.

LaCie’s USB keys are not just pretty on the outside; they are made of aluminum, is water resistant and scratch resistant. Kind of like a real key. They are quite affordable starting at US$19.99 for 4GB at (US).