Google Voice Desktop App Going After Skype

Google sent TechCrunch‘s Michael Arrington its Google Voice Desktop app powered by Gizmo5, a company the search giant acquired in November 2009.

What I like about Google Voice Desktop is the UI; it is simple and easy on the eyes. Skype on the other hand is a bit less simple and less easy on the eyes, especially on the Mac version. My main criticism of Skype is that it is addicted to opening up new windows. For instance, if I am video chatting and want to start text-based chatting Skype thinks I need a whole new window for that, and vice versa. Small niggles since I’m saving so much using Skype.

The simplicity of Google Voice Desktop makes me think it could be built not only for the desktop but also for iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices as a complete VoIP connecting people end to end.

Then I would almost never have to worry about spending my precious anytime minutes. Actually, I wouldn’t need any anytime minutes. If current Google Voice phone call charges are any indication, it should be cheaper than Skype. TechCrunch tells us that Google isn’t sure it wants to launch Google Voice Desktop; I hope it does.