Pixel Qi 10.1-inch Netbook LCD Panel Available Now

Pixel Qi’s 3qi is a fantastic technology that allows full-color displays that also can be a reflective display that sips tiny bits of power good enough to be used as an ebook display. It can even be seen in direct sunlight and that’s not just marketing speak. Finally, Pixel Qi technology can be had. The company’s 10.1-inch notebook PC LCD panel is now available. There is a big technical limitation: it is certified be used only with the Samsung N130 and the Lenovo S10-2. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t try your luck with other netbooks. The price for model number MKPQ01? US$275.00. Not too much to ask to more than double battery power. And it is available at MakerSHED.

Mary Lou Jepsen:

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How about a 9.7-inch version with 1024×768?