iPhone 4 Antenna Problem Depends On Reception Strength

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber commenting on Consumer Reports’ iPhone 4 signal testing results:

So we seem to be nearing consensus. With strong reception, bridging that antenna gap doesn’t matter much. With weak reception, bridging that gap is enough to lose the signal.

OK… my question is: How do you know whether you’re in a place with strong reception or a weak one? Mike Gikas from Consumer Reports had three or four bars, which I think all of us would consider at least not weak, before going down to zero bars in about five seconds. All thanks to putting his pinky on “the spot” (read The iPhone 4 Spot). I guess help is on the way: Apple is working on a patch that will help you get a better feel for reception strength in your area (read iPhone 4 Reception Issue: Signal Formula Error?). So my recommendation, for now, is to find out whether you’re living, working, commuting in areas that have weak or strong receptions. If they are weak then I would hold off on the iPhone 4, no matter how painful that could be. Unfortunately, I live in an area with very weak AT&T signals. Pooey.