Aava: Intel Moorestown-based MeeGo Smartphone

That’s a lot of interesting names. Founded in 2009, Aava Mobile’s goal is to build open-source mobile device platforms for the OEM/ODM markets. The company just brought out a prototype based on Intel’s Moorestown CPU that runs the MeeGo OS. Carrypad has a photo of the prototype running an early MeeGO UI and it looks okay though I don’t quite understand what some of the icons mean on the browser. MeeGo seems icon-centric as opposed to Windows 7 Mobile’s text-centric UI.

Intel’s original plan was to power smartphones in 2010. Moorestown, the codename for the company’s CPU targeted at mobile phones, is claimed to be very power efficient yet have enough ooomph for video conferencing and HD video playback. The smartphone market is growing fast and is expected to hit more than 220 million units in 2010, based on IDC’s estimate of 54.7 million smartphone shipments in Q1’10. Intel is just getting into the game, but the company is now planning for Moorestown-based smartphones to hit the market in 2011 instead of this year. I expect Intel will have a solid showing at CES 2011. The smartphone market is definitely heating up.