ElementCase Vapor iPhone 4 Aluminum Case: Helps Maintain iPhone Antenna Signal Strength

I like my high-tech gear bare, but the iPhone 4 might require a case. Not really to protect it from bumps and scratches but more to prevent it from signal degradation. It is difficult to find that perfect case since most degrade the aesthetics of the iPhone 4. I think ElementCase might be that case: it protects, looks good, and helps maintain the iPhone 4’s antenna signal strength, especially if you’re in a weak-signal area.

The Vapor case from ElementCase is CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. In other words this is a unibody aluminum case. The sexy block of aluminum is also anodized resulting in a hard protective coating. Sexy. Check. Protection. Check. And here comes third element: the Vapor is lined with a shock-absorbing material that ElementCase is claiming to be “very high tech”. Shock absorption is good, but that high-tech material also “helps maintain the iPhone’s antenna signal strength.” I hope it works.

ElementCase is taking Vapor pre-orders for a cool price of $79.95 and will ship July 12th. I think I prefer the ElementCase to Apple’s Bumpers but I can’t be sure since I haven’t had the pleasure of actually seeing or touching it. Be patient since shipping may take up to 2-3 weeks. More information can be found at ElementCase.