ComScore: Google Android Shows Rapid Growth

Google’s Android was the only smartphone OS that experienced growth during the three month period ending in May according to comScore. Android increased its market share by four percent to 13.0%. One major note is that this period is prior to the beginning of sales of Apple’s hugely successful iPhone 4. Nonetheless, Android is growing and growing fast.

Research In Motion (RIM) remained the number one smartphone OS in the United States with a 41.7% market share, a slight decline from 42.1%. Apple also experienced a slight reduction of its market share from 25.4% to 24.4%, but keeping its position at number two. Microsoft remained at number three with 13.2% down from 15.1%. With Android at 13.0% and experiencing rapid growth it is likely that Google’s smartphone OS will overtake Microsoft when comScore announces its next smartphone market share report. Palm was a distant number five with just 4.8% market share, down from 5.4%.

The total number of US-based smartphone subscribers is 49.1 million, but bear in mind that comScore’s data tap smartphone subscribers who are 13 and older. I know of a few who are younger toting smartphones and I’m sure you do too, so the actual number is certainly higher.

I am visiting South Korea at the moment and the two main smartphone brands LG and Samsung are focused on bringing more advanced Android-based smartphones as quickly as possible. The iPhone 3GS is getting old but the iPhone 4 isn’t out yet. Samsung in particular is accelerating its Android development and has introduced some fantastic models including the new Galaxy S, which by the way is being promoted by nearly every mobile phone store on every street in Seoul. LG’s Android-based smartphone Optimus is also being heavily advertised. I chose to go with Motorola’s Motoroi because of its superior display, which is a 3.7-inch IPS LCD sporting a class-leading 854×480. Class-leading in South Korea at the moment. Read SKTelecom Motorola XT720 Motoroi Review: 3.7-inch IPS Android 2.1 Smartphone In South Korea for my initial thoughts.