2010 iPod touch

The 2010 iPod touch specs according to UK retailer John Lewis and reported by Pocket-lint:

  • Will be announced in September
  • Five megapixel camera with flash that captures 720p HD video
  • Gyroscope
  • FaceTime over WiFi

I’m guessing a front-facing camera is a no-brainer if FaceTime is going to work. The gyroscope will be a big hit since a lot of the iPod touch users like to play games on ’em. FaceTime is also going to be really big. Sure, there are situations when grownups can make use of FaceTime like the new Apple ads show, but the main market is for folks that are younger. Watch out YouTube; the site is going to get plastered with 720p HD video uploads.

Some would say the new iPod touch is like the iPhone 4 without the phone, but there is more without, and that’s a very good thing.

The iPod touch will no doubt have less if not any issues with signal degradation. It will most likely be thinner and have a longer battery life. The one thing that wasn’t clear according to John Lewis was whether or not the new iPod touch will have a Retina Display or not. I sure hope it does.

With iOS 4.0 the iPod touch should get multitasking. And that means I can run Skype in the background. I work at places with free WiFi almost all the time so the iPod touch can easily be an iPhone 4 replacement and for considerably less cost.

Maybe I should forget about the iPhone 4 and just get an iPod touch. A white one.