Toshiba Portege R705: Lightest 13.3-inch Notebook PC With Optical Drive

Toshiba’s Portege R705 has an elegantly simple external design. The thing that made me perk up was that the R705 is a 13.3-inch notebook PC with an optical drive that weighs just 3.2 pounds. My sister often complains that her white MacBook is heavy. And it is. At 4.5 pounds the MacBook is more than 40% heavier than the R705.

The 13.3-inch glossy LCD sports a 1366×768 pixel format (1,049,088 total pixels). The MacBook as a comparison has a pixel format of 1280×800 (1,024,000 total pixels). So the R705 has a bit more total pixels but I’d love to see a lot more like what Sony has done with its VAIO Z. Read Sony VAIO Z: 13.1-inch 1920×1080 for more info. Viewing angles on most notebook PCs are simply terrible and the R705 is no exception.

Intel’s Wireless Display technology is incorporated but not the required Netgear Push2TV to get content on the TV without wires. The R705 has both a VGA and HDMI video out ports, which are much more useful than a mini-DisplayPort connection. For more information check out Engadget’s review and for full specifications hop on over to Toshiba’s R705 site.