Japan Railway Companies Launch Digital Signage Promotion Project

In June, a consortium of 11 railway companies launched a one-year pilot project called the Digital Signage Promotion Project (DSPP). DSPP includes 27 digital signage displays in subway commuter stations around Tokyo. These displays are equipped with cameras that feed information for gender and age analysis to generate targeted commercial messages. The person has to look at the digital signage display only for a second.

The goals is to improve advertisements based on sex and age. Privacy can be an issue but individuals are not identified and only demographic data are collected. Recorded images are not saved. Of course, the enhancement of such systems with recording capability and individual identification recognition is not too difficult. I wonder how effect sex- and age-based advertisements are… in a train station. Isn’t everyone busy trying to get somewhere or meet someone? Is this group the type that would be responsive to targeted advertisements? Maybe if it helped them get to where they want to be and meet the people they want to meet. Source: AFP