Technology Review: HP Developing Reflective Color Epaper Displays

Technology Review reports:

Researchers at HP are … developing new materials that use ambient light to create a more vibrant color for video-capable, low-power screens.

This reflective display will not require a backlight unit (BLU) and will not demand much power. However the majority of reflective displays lack color. Even color reflective displays like Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology lack vibrancy; the colors are quite muted. HP is using brighter, luminescent materials:

The company has developed a composite material that converts blue and green light into red and another that converts blue light into green. It isn’t practical to make a blue luminescent pixel. A fast-switching liquid-crystal shutter sits above each pixel and lets light in and out; mirrors below also help light escape.

That’s confusing, but the main purpose of all this color-changing is to improve brightness. E Ink is also working a color version of its electronic paper display (EPD) that will be integrated into products by the end of the year. Bright colorful low-power reflective displays: now that I can get used to.