Engadget Interview: Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP, Windows Phone

Joe Belfiore, corporate VP of Windows Phone at Microsoft:

And if you look at some of the things that Apple does and some of the things that Google does, I think there are things that we’ll offer that you don’t quite get from either. We’re trying to do a really complete experience with music but offer it in a way that gives you choice of hardware that has a keyboard or not.

A really complete experience with music. Sounds good. But what does keyboard choice have anything to do with experiencing music?

Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky interviewed Belfiore and here is my tag cloud while I watched the 13 minute-long video:

Fall launch. Xbox, Bing, Office integration. Updated beta development tools going out this week including Expression Blend, which lets you develop apps without having to code. About 1000 developers. More than 100,000 development tool downloads. Get real phones to developers. Multitasking: OS supports threads. Multitasking limited to Microsoft-developed apps, third-party apps not supported. Navigation, Pandora scenarios are not supported out of the gate. Battery life optimized. Really good experience without multitasking. Multitasking is coming, after 7.

The most overused phrase: out of the gate. I guess Belfiore frames competition in terms of a horse race. If so, Microsoft better haul.

PS: The fact that Microsoft has standardized a pixel format (800×480) for all WP7 phones signals that the company is looking backwards. What lies ahead is competition in resolution as in pixels per inch, not pixel formats. Even when looking at pixel formats, Microsoft handicaps WP7 right out of the gate with a 800×480. More than likely Google and everyone developing Android smartphone hardware, Research In Motion, and Nokia are all working hard to catch up and surpass Apple in the area of display resolution (PPI).