Display Alliance

What is Display Alliance? A community website. An Internet marketing cooperative. According to ShopJimmy’s Jimmy Vosika:

Display Alliance is an aggregation of “crowdsourced” content related to the display industry. It’s a cool site and concept, and I hope it takes off (not merely because they syndicated my post).

Display Alliance enables display-related companies to work together, bypass traditional media channels and deliver value to a target audience. Here’s the open invitation:

If you work within the display industry, this is the site where you can publish display-related articles that feature your products, solutions and customers.

This site is not an association; it’s a marketing cooperative. There are no dues or membership fees. The only qualification you need to post here is the ability to deliver remarkable value to Display Alliance subscribers and visitors.

To post on Display Alliance, signup (it’s free) to become a contributing member.

I’ve been posting at Display Alliance and getting positive results. More information at Display Alliance.