Acer S211HL: 21.5-inch LED-Backlit 1080p LCD Monitor

Acer has pumped out its S211HL, a 21.5-inch LCD monitor sporting a 1920×1080 pixel format and a LED backlight. A dynamic contrast ratio is spec’ed at 12,000,000:1, which is absolutely ridiculous. This stat doesn’t matter at all. The stats that matter: 5ms response time, 250 cd/m2 of brightness, 8-bit color (16.7 million total available colors) and three connections: VGA, DVI, HDMI. There is the smaller S201HL (20 inch) and the larger S231HL (23 inch). The S231HL also sports a pixel format of 1920×1080 but why spend $50 more for the same number of pixels. The S211HL, the better value, is US$219.99.

The external design is simple and I like it, but I’m not liking the stand: what is it good for? Rotating? No. Height adjustment? No. Tilt maybe. via Engadget