2010 iPod touch: iOS 4, Two Cameras, A4, Retina Display

This picture of the next-gen iPod touch on Wired inspired me to write this post. First, I don’t think the 2010 iPod touch will use a two-year-old industrial design. Second, there will mostly likely be a front-facing camera.

I might not need to upgrade to an iPhone 4. I certainly wouldn’t miss the enormous monthly fees from AT&T. I want to jailbreak, unlock myself. And the next iPod touch, I’m hoping, will allow me to do just that. Here are my predictions:

iOS 4: With multitasking Skype can be run in the background. I’m almost always around a WiFi connection so I’ll be able to make free phone calls to my Skype buddies and for very little call anyone in the US and the world over. I’ll save hundreds of dollars per year.

Two Cameras: Since the iPod touch, when connected, is always on WiFi I think it is a no-brainer to integrate the front-facing camera for FaceTime. The camera on the back should be the same five-megapixel backlight-illuminated image sensor that’s in the iPhone 4. And that should be awesome for photographs and 720p videos. I won’t have to bother getting another compact digital camera.

A4: The iPod touch will be insanely fast. I think it’ll be even faster than the iPhone 4 since it doesn’t have to deal with all that cellular stuff. If the next iPod touch uses the revamped design, it will be thinner and should last longer.

Retina Display: What can I say about the Retina Display that hasn’t been already said. The 2010 iPod touch with a Retina Display will be simply awesome. The iPod touch could easily be used as an ebook reader since the battery will last quite long. I think iPod touch apps optimized for the Retina Display will blossom when the next-gen iPod touch comes out. The iPad has a pixel format of 1024×768 and the iPod touch with the Retina Display will sport 960×640. There’s not that big a difference. The only difference is size: 10.4 inches versus 3.5 inches. I predict those who have good eyesight and prefer portability will get the iPod touch over the iPad.

I think the iPod touch is the real smartphone. With the features listed above the next-gen iPod touch has what it takes to challenge the way we communicate. The day we become free to communicate anywhere and anytime without being chained to blood-sucking wireless carriers will be a wonderful day.