Asustek: 8-inch 64-grayscale E-book Reader Below US$599

Asustek will launch an 8-inch e-book reader sporting a 64-grayscale reflective LCD instead of the usual E Ink-type display according to Digitimes. The Asustek ebook reader will not use a backlight unit. Chimei Innolux (CMI) will provide the LCD, which uses a special process to improve the reflective qualities. The grayscale ebook reader will be launched in October 2010 for a price below US$599.

Asustek’s offering should be much less than $599 because the industry’s leading Kindle has a 9.7-inch DX that goes for just $379 and I don’t see much benefit in having fast response times when it comes to reading books unless you’re trying to develop a multimedia ebook platform, which the iPad dominates and starts at just $499.