HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7… Phone

It’s so weird to have the word ‘phone’ as part of a phone operating system. Here’s an example: The HTC Schubert is a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) phone. I guess I should use the more-accurate term ‘smartphone’: The HTC Schubert is a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphone. That’s a bit better, but still. Anyway, there’s a video of the HTC Schubert on 247 Windows Phone. You can see it right here (the video is only 1:11 long despite the entire video lasting 3:19; there was an upload error):

Although I’m still interested in Android news, I’m getting a little tired. Android 2.2, a.k.a. Froyo, is just being implemented to Android smartphones and there’s already 3.0 on the horizon. Can we get on a schedule? I feel like I’m being bombarded with OS updates. I’m ready for something new and different, like WP7. Unfortunately, aside from using a bit more text, WP7 is starting to get old already. I was hoping for some exciting hardware too, but the HTC Schubert just reminds of the iPhone 3GS with its overall shape and metallic border. Or is it just the Nexus One redone. Either way the hardware is, to say the least, less than inspiring. But I should be.

The HTC Schubert is a unibody design crafted from a single block of aluminum. Sure doesn’t look that way. The display is most likely not OLED since Samsung is hoarding all of them for its Galaxy S smartphones. A LCD is quite likely.