Rumor: 7-inch iPad in 2011, 2048×1536 on 9.7-inch 2011 iPad, Liquid Metal iPhone

According to Digitimes, Apple will be coming out with a 7-inch iPad in 2011. The smaller iPad will sport a pixel format of 1024×768, the same as in the current iPad. The display of choice will be an IPS LCD. What this suggests is a lot more pixels for the 9.7-inch iPad. I’m guessing the aspect ratio will remain the same and here’s another hunch:

Apple quadrupled the number of pixels on the iPhone 4 compared to previous-generation iPhones by doubling the pixels horizontally and vertically. I think the company will do the same with the next-generation iPad.

So here’s what my crystal ball is telling me: 2048×1536. That’s the pixel format that we’ll see on the 2011 iPad.

Other rumors: CDMA iPhone in 2011. Pegatron Technology will be making them with volume production to start in December. The back plate will be metal instead of glass. Maybe the Apple’s acquisition of Liquidmetal’s space-age metal alloy IPs for consumer electronic products has something to do with that. Here’s what NASA has to say about Liquidmetal’s metal alloys:

In the same way that the inventions of steel in the 1800s and plastic in the 1900s sparked revolutions for industry, a new class of amorphous alloys is poised to redefine materials science as we know it in the 21st century.

Welcome to the 3rd Revolution, otherwise known as the era of Liquidmetal alloys, where metals behave similar to plastics but possess more than twice the strength of high-performance titanium.

Interesting stuff. The metal alloy developed by Liquidmetal is in a class of glassy metals that have been used in golf clubs, tennis rackets, Vertu, SanDisk memory sticks (Cruzer Titanium), Omega, armor-piercing munitions, etc. I wonder if Liquidmetal conducts electricity. If it doesn’t it could be the perfect replacement for the current stainless steel-based external antenna design. Check out this cool video about how Omega used liquid metal.