E Ink Samples Color & Capacitive Touch Displays

Could we see a Kindle sporting a color E Ink display with capacitive touch in the near future? Probably. E Ink Holdings has begun sampling a color version of its displays. China-based Hanvon plans to release ebook readers with color E Ink displays by the end of the year. Two touch versions are being developed: one with capacitive touch and the other requiring a digitizer.

But then again Jeff Bezos, top dog at Amazon, mentioned that color E Ink displays are “not ready for prime-time production” and expected a lot of time to pass before they became ready. According to Bezos the Kindle will be focused on serving the avid readers. He seems to be doing exactly what he’s been saying.

The new Kindle 3 that’s thinner, lighter, longer-lasting, with more storage for a lower price will be available in late August. The WiFi-only version will be $139 and the 3G+WiFi just $189 at Amazon. Down the road I expect even better non-color E Ink displays, more rugged but thinner, lighter and prices going sub-$100. Add to that the huge Amazon ebook store and I think Amazon has the right strategy.

If I were an avid book reader I would be looking at the Kindle as the only option. Like Apple, Amazon has the opportunity to completely own the ebook purchasing and reading experience, but in black and white instead of color. Source: Digitimes, The Huffington Post