iPhone: Uncool?

Viddler: There’s a simple way to figure out if something is cool or not. If everyone has it, it isn’t cool. If your grandfather is using it then it might be time you should consider using something else. The iPhone is definitely one of the very best smartphones to get but I see it being used by everyone, everywhere. The iPhone’s cool factor might soon decline. Or will it.

While I was writing the previous paragraph I thought, “Does that grandmother FaceTiming on her iPhone 4 make mine less cool? Or do I feel even better for owning this so-dang-cool uber-high-tech smartphone that even a grandmother can use?” I think it’s the later.

Sony’s new jab at the iPhone prompted this thought. In the PSP ad is Josh Rose, an iPhone-toting guy who plays Lame Castle and he doesn’t text his grandma. Sony seems to think that iPhone gamers would be surprised to find out that games on the PSP can be had for US$9.99. Unfortunately this doesn’t work since most games on the iPhone/iPod touch look even better and cost much less. Can you really compare games developed for a 960×640 display to one with just 480×272 pixels? I do like the feel of mechanical buttons, but there is a downside: I’ve had experienced serious finger pain after a couple of hours of vigorous button mashing on the PSP.

Marcus Rivers is the cool kid in the ad caring a regular phone for making calls (texting must be painful on that thing) and the PSP for playing games. I wonder how he would feel if his grandma was texting back at him on her iPhone 4…