Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Doubles As Projector

Nikon has updated its Coolpix S1000pj. The old version could project only the content stored inside the digital camera and cost US$430. The new one can be connected to a computer and used to project anything you want and is just $350.

The projector is a single LED lamp, single LCD panel design sporting a 0.4-inch 4:3 aspect ratio reflective LCD panel. The spec states the LCD to have approximately 921,000 dots. What we should remember is that those dots are really sub-pixels. After going through some known 4:3 pixel formats, it seems the LCD used in the S1000pj features a 640×480 pixel format or VGA.

Brightness has been enhanced from 10 to 14 lumens and contrast ratio is 30:1. The touch-enabled LCD grew in size from 2.7 inches to 3 inches and with your finger you can draw stuff, which gets overlaid on the projected image. Kind of cool; I think kids will really enjoy that. They’ll be limited to just one hour but that’s one more hour than any other digital camera. The S1000pj is quite unique as it combines a 14.1 megapixel camera with a VGA pico-projector. It will be available in September. Source: Nikon