Canon S95: S90 With 720p Video

I loved my Canon S90 while I had it. The fast f2.0 lens combined with a 10MP high-sensitivity image sensor took great pictures during the day and night without having to use the flash. And now Canon has improved the compact low-light shooter with 720p video capabilities recording at 24fps in H.264 MOV format. Other improvements include: Hybrid IS, support for SDXC, High Dynamic Range (HDR) scene mode and a few stylistic tweaks.

HDR scene mode, a first in-camera for Canon:

With the use of a tripod, one push of the shutter button yields three sequential images with various exposures, and then combines them into a single optimized image within the camera.

Is a tripod absolutely necessary? Next up, Hybrid IS:

For macro-photography enthusiasts, Canon has built its Hybrid IS technology into the PowerShot S95 camera to compensate for angular and shift camera shake, making it the first PowerShot model to feature Hybrid IS technology.

I would think Hybrid IS would allow hand-held HDR photography. Available in late August for US$399.99. I’ll be getting one. Source: Canon