Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch tablet running Android 2.2 and is expected to be announced during the IFA show in Berlin, Germany on September 2nd. What I like most about the Galaxy Tab is that you can wrap your fingers around it, unlike the iPad. The iPad, with its 9.7-inch IPS display, is one awesome tablet that does quite a lot. But the problem with the iPad is that it is a bit heavy when all you want to do is read, and it’s a bit big when all you want to do is check email. Maybe Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will fit that gap between a smartphone and the iPad.

There’s a video of the Galaxy Tab on Wired (make sure to lower your volume) and it looks like portrait thumb typing is a go; there seems to be some type of phone functionality; the Android 2.2 seems to be quite responsive but the webpages, though they load quickly, seems to lag a little when scrolling, mobile TV is there (probably just for Korea) and finally the display is a non-OLED LED-backlit LCD. I wonder what the pixel format is… probably something like 1024×600 in landscape. Although that’s fairly on-par with the iPad’s 1024×768, I’m guessing the next iPad will have quadruple that: 2048×1536. Check out my rumor post about Liquidmetal iPhones and Retina Display iPads.

Although it might be weird to be handling such a big device for photographs or video capture I’m glad Samsung decided to include a camera on the back of the Galaxy Tab. Video calls is a feature touted in the official video (link below) so there should be a front-facing camera too. Rumors: The Galaxy Tab is headed to Verizon Wireless in the US (Source: Boy Genius Report). Official Samsung Galaxy Tab site… and it works without Flash. Interesting.