HP Mini 210, Mini 5103: Dual-Core Atom CPU

HP’s Mini 210 and Mini 5103 netbooks now are powered by dual-core Intel Atom CPUs, the N550. The US$399 Mini 5103, a 10-inch netbook, will be powered by a 1.5GHz N550. The consumer-oriented Mini 210, also a 10-inch netbook, starts at $330 with a single-core Atom but can be optioned with the dual-core N550. The Mini 210 can also be equipped with a Broadcom Crystal Accelerator for 1080p HD video playback, which is nice.

I like the overall industrial design of these two HP netbooks but there is something that is lacking. For instance, the neck that connects the chassis to the display doesn’t jive with the overall sleek design: there’s just too much… stuff (plastic? aluminum?) there. And 10 inches isn’t that big so this might not matter much but the display is sitting way up; I like the way Apple has designed the hinge so the display when opened settles down a bit. And the border around the display is too thick; it’s not like we’ll need the borders to hold the display as we see on the iPad. Thicker-than-aesthetically-pleasing borders are acceptable only when they are necessary; it is not in the case of these two high-powered netbooks from HP.

The Mini 210 and the Mini 5103 10-inch netbooks from HP sport very decent designs and are powered by capable dual-core Intel Atoms for a reasonable price. Just make sure you’re okay with the overall design. Source: Engadget