iPod touch: Disappointing Camera

Apple: The new iPod touch is out, and there are a lot of things to like about it: dual cameras for FaceTime and HD recording, and the most spectacular mobile display on the market–the Retina Display with 960×640 pixels–in a package that’s impossibly thin. Despite the goodies, I’m very disappointed.

Apple states 720p HD video recording. Take a closer look at that claim and it seems there’s a bit of marketing fluff mixed in. 960×720 isn’t really 720p HD; 1280×720 would be. 30 frames per second is decent, but still the iPod touch doesn’t capture videos at 720p. The front camera seems to be the same as found on the iPhone 4 at 640×480 at 30fps. And what about the pixel format for stills? Just 960×760. Terrible.

Did design trump function? I think so. Must the iPod touch be so much thinner than the iPhone? I’m not so sure. The iPhone 4 tops out at 32GB but the iPod touch goes up to 64GB; push it to 128GB next time and keep the same ID. I would rather have an iPod touch that looks identical to the iPhone 4 but without the phone function and everything else, including the 5MP image sensor for great stills and real 720p HD recording.