iPod touch: Retina Display Sucks

Look at the photo above by Engadget. On the left is the new iPod touch with the Retina Display. On the right is the Retina Display in the iPhone 4. These are not the same Retina Displays. The one in the iPod touch sucks: when viewed at angles contrast goes out the door and colors shift so much that they look like crap. IPS is known for looking great when viewed at different angles and my guess is that the Retina Display on the iPod touch ain’t no IPS; it is some cheap TN-based 3.5-inch LCD sporting a 960×640 pixel format. I wouldn’t touch it. Especially if it means I need to part ways with US$229. There might be no peer to the iPod touch but the display simply isn’t what Apple wants you to believe it is; the “Retina Display” on the iPod touch is a fake version of the real thing.