Compal August Notebook Shipments Strong

Compal Electronics announced August results with revenues increasing 10.9% M/M and 19.1% Y/Y to NT$65.95 billion. Notebook shipments were up 20% M/M to 3.8M units. According to Compal president Ray Chen, notebook brands began ordering more in late August. Compal along with other notebook integrators are expecting fourth quarter shipments to be higher than third quarter due to optimism spurred by rising September sales. Notebook brand Acer saw its notebook PC shipments rise from 1.5M in July to 3.2M in August. Acer expects September shipments to more than 3.5M units.

Looks like notebooks are making a stronger-than-expected comeback. Although with the newly announced dual-core Atoms from Intel, I would think netbooks to be the item that would garner more attention during the holidays. Of course, we can’t rule out Samsung’s Galaxy Tab as well as the continued strength of Apple’s iPad to thwart any advances by netbooks and notebook PCs. If I think of what a lot of folks are wanting for Christmas, the logo that comes up most often in my head is an apple. Source: Digitimes