Nokia C6, C7, E7

Cryptic names. I’m not privy to them. Nokia has outed some new smartphones at Nokia World 2010: C6, C7, E7. The C6, or C6-01 to be more precise, is a budget phone made of recycled metal and an AMOLED display, the ClearBlack variety. The C7 is the sexy one and also sports a ClearBlack AMOLED display running Symbian^3. OLED displays have never had problems with black so the ClearBlack sub-brand is somewhat of a mystery.

The E7 (E7-00) is the powerhouse and makes use of a 4-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display and features a QWERTY keyboard, a very good one according to Engadget. But it takes two firm thumbs on the bottom pushing up the massive display to reveal the full QWERTY. The 4-inch AMOLED packs 640×360 pixels. I am not certain the pixels are of the RGB kind or of the PenTile Matrix variety. From the lower pixel density compared to the Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) 800×480 PenTile Matrix AMOLED, I am guessing that Nokia is sourcing these AMOLED displays from a different vendor.

Other E7 specs: WiFi BGN, HSDPA (10.2/2.0Mbps), Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI, Micro USB 2.0. One very interesting feature is the automatic switching between WCDMA and GSM bands. Flash Lite 4 is on tap. The E7 sports a 8MP camera with dual LED flash and a front-facing VGA (640×480) camera. No HDR though. 720/25p HD video can be captured in H.264 MPEG4 and the specs mention 16:9, so I’m guessing 1280×720, but not sure.

The one potentially very big issue: the touch sensitivity, or the lack of, on these new Nokia smartphones.