Chase Jarvis: Nikon D7000 Rocks

Choice words by Chase Jarvis regarding the newly announced Nikon D7000:

The camera feels great.
It’s beefier than D90.
Will do well for lots of markets.
It feels great in your hand. Nice price.

Jarvis had a lot of fun:

Reminder, if you’re looking for official specs or 3rd party “testing”, I’m not your guy. I’m an opinionated photographer and a filmmaker, and these are my gut responses. Nikon didn’t review this post and they didn’t tell me what to shoot. They didn’t pay me for a technical analysis. They did pay for me to go out and make pictures and make a short film – and I had a blast doing it. They were cool and generous, and I’m thankful for the opportunity. And the camera rocked.

Check out the videos and photograph samples. Nice stuff.