Hardware Rules At Nokia

Not sure that it does. Compared to a hardware+software company like Apple, Nokia’s hardware falls flat, especially when it comes to displays. The best Nokia could do on the range-topping E7 is a 4-inch AMOLED with 640×360 pixels; there is the possibility that its AMOLED is better than the non-RGB PenTile Matrix AMOLED from Samsung Mobile Display (SMD). But, Apple’s got the optically laminated capacitive touch layered Retina Display with 960×640 pixels. Hardware rules? Really? I don’t think so.

There are others who do a very good job with smartphone hardware, including the display: Motorola (16:9 854×480 IPS), HTC (PenTile Matrix AMOLED shifting to Sony Super LCD), Samsung (Super version of its PenTile Matrix AMOLED). And these guys are all onboard with either Android or Windows Phone 7 and pumping out some excellent hardware. Symbian is old news and Meebo looks to be a pipe dream. Source: Daring Fireball