HP 2310e: 1 Inch Thick

The HP 2310e is a 23-inch LCD monitor that makes use of a white LED backlight making it just 1 inch thick. The 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio is all marketing fluff but the static contrast ratio is a believable 1000:1. A more realistic set of specs: 250 cd/m2 brightness, 70% (NTSC?) color gamut, DisplayPort, DVI-D, HDMI, capacitive touch controls, 1920×1080 pixel format, 5ms on/off response time.

I’m not sure what exactly BrightView technology is made of but HP claims it reduces glare. Another claim is that the white LED backlight creates deeper blacks; I wonder how that works.

LED backlights certainly do save power and it seems to be the case with the 2310e: max power consumption is rated at 32 watts and in energy saving mode it sips just 2. The 2310m (spec sheet) as a comparison consumes 54W (max), 46W (typical) and 2W (sleep mode). But then the 2310m has a brighter 300 cd/m2 LCD, a bit more color (72% NTSC) and is a tad faster with a 3ms response time.

The HP 2310e is quite handsome and although the blue capacitive touch controls look cool I much prefer actual buttons. Thin displays are chic but since the 2310e does not have VESA mounting, I’m not sure what the benefit is to the user other than it being eye candy. Made in China. Priced at US$289 and will be available on September 29th.