LG Optimus Chic LG-E720

On September 14th, LG announced its Optimus Chic LG-E720 Android 2.2 smartphone sporting a 3.2-inch TFT LCD with a 480×320 pixel format. First the display size: at 3.2 inches it is a bit small. The Optimus Chic has exactly 1/4th the number of pixels as the iPhone 4, and considerably less than a lot of the Android smartphones out there; they are usually 800×480. The display features capacitive touch but the number of colors is limited to just 262K; millions of colors is the norm.

You can capture H.263 MPEG4 video at 640×480/30p. H.263? Where’s H.264 720/30p? The Optimus Chic has a 5MP autofocus camera but no flash. Bluetooth is 2.1+EDR; I was expecting all new smartphones to be sporting version 3.0 by now. WiFi BG is included, no N. The unspecified CPU runs at 600MHz. Although Android 2.2 is better optimized than previous versions requiring a bit less hardware to run smoothly I’m not sure if 600MHz will cut it. Or maybe its a dual core CPU?

LG is doing some things right: Thankfully the LG-E720 makes use of the standard USB port for connecting to the computer. It would be nice if the industry just standardized on USB as the de facto standard for connections. Maybe Apple is using a different process or a different color of white but LG is able to make a white version of the Optimus Chic.

The even lesser-spec’ed Optimus One LG-P500 sports a smaller 3.2-inch 480×320 LCD, a slower 600MHz CPU, and a 3MP camera. Video capture is limited to 480/18p. It seems LG is targeting the lower-end with both the Optimus Chic and the Optimus One Android smartphones. Unfortunate, I was expecting a bit more hardware oomph.