Litefast 360-Degree LED Display


The general functional principle is based on rapidly rotating, vertical aluminium sections which are fitted with rows of red, green and blue LEDs (light-emitting diodes). Intelligent control electronics accelerate these so-called LED arms to a precisely calculated number of revolutions that is faster than the human eye, so people cannot perceive the LED arms anymore.

The LEDs are controlled with such precision that they light up in exactly the same pixel position with each rotation. This produces an individual color blend for each individual point of light, with a variety of over 16 million different colors.

As the movement of the LED arms is invisible, people can only perceive the points of light (pixels) created by the LEDs. Taken together they generate a high-resolution digital image.

I’ve seen similar (or maybe Litefast?) 360 displays in some subway stations in Seoul. They are very eye-catching.