Quanta, Compal: 60 Million Notebook PCs In 2011

Most notebook PC brands, including Apple, outsource the manufacturing to companies based in Asia. Samsung is one major brand that manufactures all of its notebook PCs in-house.

Quanta: 60M target for 2011. Received orders from nine of the top ten notebook PC brands. Samsung being the lone exception. Largest integrator for HP in 2011 with 40% share and will make 80-90% of Apple notebook PCs for 2011.

Compal: 60M target for 2011. Received orders from top six notebook PC brands. 50% share of Acer and 50% share of Toshiba notebook PCs in 2011. Expects to see significant growth in Dell and Lenovo shipments.

Wistron: In #3 with 35-37M target for 2011. Largest supplier to Dell and Lenovo. #2 supplier to Acer and Sony.

Inventec, Pegatron Technology, Foxconn: 20M target each for 2011. Source: Digitimes