HP Slate Video

Hmmm… the HP Slate looks exceptionally terrible. There’s a Ctrl-Alt-Delete key? At first, I thought it unbelievable, but now I’m thinking, “Of course! It is Windows 7!”

How unfortunate.

Here are some other observations:

  • You still have a mouse pointer; it disappears though.
  • Touch feedback blue dot animation: I thought this was only used when you were developing an ad to help folks visually see what your fingers are doing without actually showing the fingers. I guess not.
  • Browser performance is slow, excruciatingly slow. I was grasping for air just looking at it.
  • Keyboard button: You need it since it isn’t automatic. Just terrible.

I guess Microsoft was spending too much time developing the Windows Phone 7 mobile OS to give much thought to the tablet-version of Windows 7. Of course, this video is of a prototype HP Slate so there is the possibility of things getting better, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. This is the case of the OS choking the hardware design and ruining the entire experience. If I had the choice between a HP Slate and a Samsung Galaxy Tab there is no doubt in my mind which is better. Here’s hoping HP will dump this garbage and focus on a webOS tablet. via Daring Fireball