Miquel Angel Garcia: No More Four Thirds Lenses By Olympus

Image source: Quesabesde

Wired: The Four Thirds system is for DSLRs. The Micro Four Thirds system is for mirrorless cameras such as the Olympus PEN series. Miquel Angel Garcia, head of Olympus Europe, shared with Quesabesde during the Photokina show that Olympus will no longer make new Four Thirds lenses and instead focus on lenses for the mirrorless Micro Four Thirds system.


But it is very important to have broken the DSLR market status quo. There are two brands that for years have been allocated 80% of the global market. And this will change.

I personally like Canon and have bought many Canon cameras over the years: compact digital cameras, SLR, DSLR. I still use some of them. But my most recent purchase was a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, so I get Garcia.

Interestingly, Garcia seems to be holding the recently showcased compact digital camera with an integrated Zuiko lens. Engadget seems to think that an integrated Zuiko lens means that it cannot be based on the Micro Four Thirds system. But I think otherwise: it will be Olympus’ high-end compact digital camera that will make use of the Micro Four Thirds system; it’s just that the lens won’t be interchangeable. Think of it as the Canon S95 killer.