Engadget: Samsung NX100 Preview

Engadget took the Samsung NX100 for a spin. Here are some choice findings in simple terms.


  • Rigid and solid.
  • Easy to use button placements.
  • Fits well in your hand.
  • i-Function NX lens.
  • AMOLED display.
  • Price, just US$599 with a 20-50mm lens.


  • Heavy, so not as portable as you’d like.
  • No optical viewfinder.
  • No SDXC support.
  • Poor low-light capability, especially in automatic mode.
  • Jelly-vision in 720p HD video capture.

If video is important the jelly-vision 720p on the NX100 isn’t going to work for you. The 3.0-inch AMOLED with a 640×480 pixel format is as good as they come and it certainly is important when using the display as a viewfinder as is the case with the NX100: the better the display, the better the pictures look, and the better you feel.

The i-Function on the new NX lenses looks to be a unique solution to allow more control of camera settings, but as I have said before, I feel it relies too much on the left hand.

What really topples the NX100 from being a top contender in this highly competitive mirrorless interchangeable lens compact digital camera market is the poor low-light performance especially in automatic mode. Here’s hoping a future firmware update will fix that.